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Want to save on your energy costs? Order the latest green and affordable battery?

MAXXPWR's most popular batteries are now also manufactured with the highest quality EV cells. These batteries are manufactured with 85 percent less CO2 emissions compared to other batteries (88 kg per kWh less) and make these real green batteries affordable for everyone. The batteries come with a 10-year cell performance warranty and a life expectancy of more than 20 years. Get to know the various options and order through our resellers



Real green energy


The MAXXPWR batteries are equipped with the highest quality high density EV cells on the market. The batteries are manufactured in such a way that 85 percent less CO2 emissions are released during manufacture (88 kg per kWh). The batteries have a 10-year performance guarantee with an expected lifespan of more than 20 years (8000 charges/discharges)

Save money


By using the solar energy stored in the MAXXPWR battery during the expensive peak times, you can save money on your energy costs, especially in combination with a variable hourly rate. You can also charge the battery during off-peak hours (night rate) and discharge it during peak hours (day rate)

Optimize your energy consumption

Use the energy you generate with your solar panels when you need it. For example, if the battery is full, the solar energy can be used immediately, or charge the battery and simultaneously provide the house with extra power, on sunny days, for example, it is cheaper to run the washing machine during the day…

Suitable for any PV inverter


The MAXXPWR home battery can be used in combination with any PV inverter and can be connected by yourself (or by an authorized technician)



MAXXPWR is smart enough to work independently, but can also be read and controlled by other systems

As a result, a house with domotics, a charging station, a heat pump and/or other smart equipment can become even smarter with a MAXXPWR battery

The economy solution, the single home battery from 4 kWh to 10 kWh, for average use or off-grid solution, such as on a construction site, in a garage and shed. Different combinations are possible

The MAXXPWR battery stores excess energy from the solar panels in this mode. If the solar panels do not provide enough or no more energy to meet your consumption, the MAXXPWR battery will supply the stored energy to your home as long as there is energy in the battery (depending on usage). In this way, you can also use green energy generated during the day in the evening and at night

The economy plus solution, by means of a battery from 12 kWh to 150 kWh. For more than average use or for daily charging of the car, can be done on-grid or off-grid, under a carport, around the house or at a company building

The MAXXPWR battery stores the energy from the solar panels during the day, after which it is returned in the evening and at night to power the battery of the hybrid or electric car. This is really green driving, depending on the range and use of the car, there is always a suitable battery available

The economy comfort solution, by means of batteries from 19 kWh to 2 MWh. For home and car and or in combination of cars with a commercial or office building

Depending on the number of solar panels and the energy generated, the MAXXPWR batteries are also available to power both the car and the house. You can also start with the house and later add the car or v.v., which is very easy by expanding the existing battery. If the battery is full during the day, you can also supply it back to the grid, or if you have too little, you can always purchase from the grid. It's that simple, and now affordable too

If there is no construction connection or if there is a large off-grid project, your project can be started faster and more sustainably with a battery container of, for example, 600 kWh to 2 MWh. Now affordable with our EV technology batteries and when there is no room for charging with solar panels, we just regularly exchange the empty battery for a full one. The sizes of the container depend on the capacity of a cabinet size up to a 40ft sea container. Nice green building and busy with the batteries of MAXXPWR

How does it work?


The MAXXPWR home battery can be used in combination with any inverter or PV installation and is easy to connect yourself (or by an authorized technician)


The stored energy can be used during peak hours or when the sun does not shine


With MAXXPWR batteries you store the energy generated by your solar panels


You can offer energy that you do not use at the most favourable moments

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