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Industrial Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

The MAXXPWR batteries are available from 10 kWh to 2 MWh and can be combined up to 100 MWh, from home batteries to large-scale business applications.

The capacity of a battery:

Pay particular attention to the capacity of a battery, what use is it if the home battery can only supply 1.7 kWh in the evening, but when the TV and other equipment are on, there is a total usage of 2.7 kWh during peak hours? In that case, you are still drawing 1 kWh from the regular grid.

The same applies to a large business user. In the Netherlands, an application for increased capacity from a network provider now takes years, while a battery can provide extra capacity during peak hours and charge during off-peak hours. Here too, it is important that the battery's capacity is sufficient for a company's usage. Often, the capacity is C2, which means a maximum of 1 MWh capacity for a 2 MWh battery. This is also most interesting for supplying to the grid (as a business model).

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