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In the Netherlands, MAXXPWR now also focuses on the business market in addition to the private market, especially now that, as mentioned in many news sections, there is an energy shortage, which in many cases can be circumvented by the correct use of batteries, possibly in combination with solar panels. In addition to for personal use, a battery can also be installed as a separate revenue model.

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MAXXPWR, part of the van Veluw group, has been involved in energy-related projects since 2012. The first energy neutral project in Turkey in 2013 is a good example of a successfully implemented project in which a pilot training center in Turkey was built completely energy neutral. In the follow-up phase of this project in 2023/2024, after the use of the center had doubled in 10 years, a 1MWh battery will be used to supply electricity during the evening and night hours, which, in combination with the solar panels on the roof of the center itself and on the roofs of the carports, allows the center to function completely energy neutral (even energy positive) again.

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